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HS CODE 3214900000

By means of applicated several color and applicating method, various and peculiar stone sense of lxury pattern is able to be expressed. Especially, non-toxic, non-flammable, water resistance and durability is excellent.1. Applicated Surface : Concrete or Cement type ground, Gipsum Board, Wood, Steel Etcetera,All type surface 2. Applying Place : Hotel, Motel, Department, Villa, Office Building, Bank, All Joy Place, Show Room, Luxury accommodation3. Dilution : as a rule, dilution is not need and Spray is able to dilute as 5% by and large with clean water.4. Drying ; 4Hours (Interior drying time is transparentable by temperature and relative humidity )5. Consumable Amount : about 0.3Kg/, exact consumable amount can be different from required consumable amount.6. Packing Unit ; 5Kg, 20Kg7. Storage : Product have to store in condition of packing over 08. Cleaning Tool : Wash tool by clean water at a moment after applying